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At Pride and Joy Preschool, we provide 3 meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Food is one of children's basic needs; therefore, mealtime is an essential part of our program. We believe that if children receive good nutrition and balanced meals each day, they will be able to stay focused while they learn, and grow up healthy. At Pride and Joy, we try to keep a positive approach about food and we encourage smart eating habits. Foods such as: sweets, butter, red meat, junk food, fat and all food with hydrogenated oils are discouraged and off our menu chart. We provide whole-grain breads and cereals so kids get more fiber as well as lean meats and other good sources of protein. We serve fruit or vegetables at every meal.

Pride and Joy's mealtime is also a fun-time! One of our children wasn't joking when he said, "I am using my sense of smell and I can smell fried-rice!" At mealtimes, our children are encouraged to set the tables. They love taking turns for this chore to get ready for a happy meal with their little friends.