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Library and Reading

At Pride & Joy we believe that it is never too early to introduce books to children. We read to children as young as infant!

The beauty of our preschool is that our children are from all over the world. This diverse cultural background enriches our program immensely and it inspired us to include books from different cultures. Cultural differences make each of us unique and special. Therefore, at Pride & Joy Preschool, our Library is stocked with all kinds of books. Our selection of books includes: anti-bias stories, multicultural stories, character building stories, alphabet and animals stories, math and science stories, sensorial and different abilities stories, good manners stories, family and friends stories, books that rhyme, Dr. Seuss classics, and much, much more.

Not to mention, we also include books in different languages such as: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, as well as books from other parts of the world.