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Dramatic Play Center

Dramatic Play is an essential part of our children’s daily activity. Our dramatic play center is a favorite with both boys and girls. In this center, our children have the freedom to explore their surroundings without limitation. They can be who they want to be, dress up or dress down, be prince or princess, parent or child, cashier or cook - you name it! We have multicultural dolls of many ethnicities that children from any background can relate to. This cozy room is also furnished with child-sized furniture to provide for them a sense of comfort and belonging.

Our dramatic play center is stocked with plenty of play food, dishes, pots & pans, microwave, toaster, kitchen with sink, dolls, dress-up clothes, mirrors, dresser, books featuring daily-living home life, telephones, purses w/wallets & keys, stove & oven, laundry washer & dryer, iron, teddy bear chairs, barn-house with animals, home-office computer and the Quiet Cozy Corner Canopy - a huge hit with the kids!

Young children learn decision-making skills, cooperation, problem solving skills, social skills, imaginative thinking skills and roll-playing skills. Most importantly, it helps them develop better self-expression and oral language, a crucial component for this young age.