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Outdoor Activities

Children in general have exuberant energy. Just like the indoors, our outdoor play area is designed especially to meet the needs of our children's gross motor development. The daily physical exercise they get from being outdoors is beneficial beyond words. Our children look forward to having their outdoor play every day regardless if the weather is cold, cool or hot! Without a doubt it is one of our children's favorite activities. Twice each day, our children are free to safely explore, discover, and enjoy outdoor play with their little friends. Children can choose between various play structures, the sandbox, the water-play table, the playhouse, tricycles, balls, and many more activities.

Pride and Joy Preschool's outdoor play equipment is of the best quality and is beyond the standards of what licensing requires. Our groundcover is made of a thick, soft rubber surface to prevent serious injuries while children are at play. To prevent intruders from entering our yard, our outdoor play area is secured by a 5-foot high fence all around the facility. For added security, our facility is also monitored by surveillance cameras 24/7, outdoors and indoors.