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Many Thanks from Moilan Manning

Edmund Berger (architect) - Thank you for designing such a beautiful building for our children and for our community. A building inspector once said to me that it looks more like a little hotel for children than a little preschool you’ve designed. I take it as a compliment. It was an honor to have such an experienced senior architect design Pride and Joy Preschool.

Anson Manning (artist) – Thank you for rolling up your sleeves in helping to create a new “state of the art” child care center for our community. You have inspired me to create a place for the children of the world to meet and play in unity. The beautiful child-like art pieces that you’ve contributed to our center brighten up each room where they are hung. I am so proud of you for every small or big thing you’ve done for our center. You are the reason Pride and Joy exists. Thank you my dear son!

Eric Manning – Thank you for your incredible support in making ways for the contractors to proceed with the building of Pride and Joy. Without your strong muscles, your constructive criticisms, your math ability in figuring out the precise measurements and the cost efficient ways to go about things, it would have taken forever to finish this project. I especially want to thank you for creating this awesome website.

Mark Harrington – Thank you for your support and your positive energy during the process of this project. Your hard-work in keeping our landscape design aesthetically pleasing is most appreciated. The crew you gathered to help assemble our new outdoor play-structure were some of the most energetic and uplifting people I’ve met. Most importantly your conscientious effort in helping our children keep our fish and our plants alive at our preschool speaks of the warm compassionate person that you are.

Gordon Stevenson - The City of El Cerrito – Thank you for being instrumental in facilitating the building of Pride and Joy Preschool. Your diligence in making sure that our building meets (and exceeds!) all building safety codes makes us all feel safe being under our roof. It was all worth it!

Captain Michael Bond (Fire Department of El Cerrito) – Many thanks for always making sure that our building is safe for our children. Your tips and guidance in helping us maintain fire clearance is very much appreciated.

Mr. Wong (Shen Feng Construction) – Thank you for taking on this project and dealing with all the challenges which we faced. I thought it would never end! "Phew!"

Mary Jane McCulloch (Community Care Licensing) – Without your expert guidance in the setting of our preschool, we would still be in our old building. So, thanks to you for helping us in getting our new center up and running.

Christian Thede (Northbrae Properties) – Your help in obtaining this piece of property for this project is very much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You Rock!

Ellice Kaminsky (Thousand Oaks Financial) – You are the best in the business! I highly recommend you to anyone who's looking for a professional, knowledgeable financial and mortgage assistant. Thank you especially for your trust and support in my endeavor!

Howard Cheng (CPA) – Anyone who can figure out payroll and accounting like you, is a true genius. I cannot thank you enough for providing such wonderful services for Pride and Joy Preschool for over a decade. Thanks a million 2U!

Dr. B. Smith, Dr. Susan Lee, Dr. Intesar Shareef, Dr. Grillo, Prof. P. Jackson – Contra Costa College – You are the best professors in the field of Early Childhood Education. Without a doubt, your teaching helps immensely in setting a higher standard in this field. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the wisdom you have of what it takes to be the best early childhood educator. I am proud to have you as my role models!

I owe my deepest gratitude to these very special individuals: Radziah Mohamad, Kristel Phears, Maha Hamdan, Lynn Chung, Lori Dair, Allison Shimada, Nicole Camarello, Christine Sullivan, Kim Yuen, June and Paul Adachi, Olga and Steven Fish, and many more of you (friends and families) who have been of great support in the making of the new Pride and Joy Preschool center. Thank you all so very much!