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The Pride and Joy Preschool philosophy is quite simple. We RESPECT all children as individuals and their HAPPINESS matters. We emphasize the importance of providing children with a safe, nurturing, and state-of-the-art learning environment for them to freely explore and enhance and develop their social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive skills. We provide the opportunity for children to develop and learn to their maximum potential and we are sensitive to each and every child's needs regardless of their abilities.

As Early Childhood Educators we recognize that play is the child's natural approach to investigating and understanding of his/her environment. At Pride and Joy Preschool we give the time, the patience, and the encouragement our children need to do whatever they are capable of doing at their own pace and to help them develop self-esteem, self-reliance, discipline, and confidence. We encourage children to develop the ability to share, cooperate, explore and make mistakes and try again.

The beauty of our program derives from the combination of a multi-cultural group of children, their families, and our staff members. We serve children from all over the world and families from all walks of life, making Pride and Joy's program rich in cultural diversity. Pride and Joy Preschool believes in building a working partnership with parents, family and the community to provide a child development program which nurtures a healthy sense of self-worth, fosters the development of skills in all developmental domains, encourages the development of independence and promotes diverse cultural values and acceptance. Our children are exposed to all different cultures, races, international foods - you name it - but they all share the same common interests; they love to play and be happy, and they need love and respect. At Pride and Joy Preschool, we fully understand these feelings and we respect and honor them wholeheartedly.

While the children are free to safely explore and discover our environment we, nevertheless, spend our time productively by creating a supportive environment where well-trained, sensitive staff appreciates the uniqueness of each child. Our goal is to help the child feel empowerment over his or her life. We believe that the program should be based on sound Early Childhood Education and Child Development theory and that practices should be developmentally appropriate.

Our program is based on a foundation of respect for all children and their families and our mission is to provide high quality early childhood education and child care services to enhance optimal growth and learning for every child. With that said, we hope sincerely that our philosophy, goals, and objectives will meet the expectation and satisfaction of all involved in our program. As the children learn from us at Pride and Joy Preschool, we learn from them as well and we are loving it!